James Heating & A/C, Inc Offers a Smart, Flexible, Ductless Mini-Split System Solution

You might find that you need a heating and/or cooling solution for just one or two rooms. Maybe you have an extra toasty sunroom. Or maybe you remodeled and added an office that isn’t connected to your ductwork and gets colder than the rest of the house. James Heating & A/C, Inc in Lexington has what you need: a mini-split system. These little, almost noiseless units deliver comfortable air to any room where you need it. What’s also great about them is their efficiency. Their energy ratings of up to 22 SEER* and 10.20 HSPF** mean you’ll stay comfortable without driving up your utility bill.

Mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps are an easy-to-install and efficient choice. They rapidly push air into your room with a subtle, compact, wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit that are connected through a little hole in your wall. This installation keeps your home closed up, unlike window units that open your home up to invasions from insects, weather and even burglars.

James Heating & A/C, Inc carries two mini-split system types for you to choose from.

Arrange an appointment with James Heating & A/C, Inc in Lexington to see how a mini-split system could help you efficiently heat and cool individual rooms in your house. Does your system need maintenance? We can help with that too. Call us at 336-853-6070 today or schedule your appointment online.

* SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, measures the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner or heat pump. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency and more savings for you and the environment.

** HSPF, or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor, measures the heating efficiency of your heat pump. A higher HSPF rating means greater energy efficiency, more savings and is better for the environment.